We All Know Naruto Has So Much Chakra In His Body But Why He Have That Much Chakra, And Stamina besides Other Shinobi’s, He Can Make Thousand’s of shadow clones In Age of 12 He Have Chakra More Then Kakashi Now More Than That with Out Kyuubi, But how He can Use More That Much Chakra, We All Know Naruto Live Alone in Past and Work so Hard To Get Strong He Practice and Train Hard Alone. That’s Why He Have So Much Chakra and Stamina Maybe But In Real Naruto Have Uzumaki Blood And We All Know That Uzumaki They were mostly famous for Fuinjutsus which is a secret speciality The Uzumaki clan is Characterized by the Insane Amount of Chakra the clan’s sealing Jutsu’s (they could seal a monster with make just a few hand signs) And his mother Kushina was a Famous and powerful kunoichi, Jinchuuriki and a member of a very famous and powerful clan to boot.As an Uzumaki and a reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki. Naruto has massive reserves of strong chakra. estimated as at least four times greater than Kakashi and described by Karin as bright and warm His Chakra.  That’ Why Naruto Have So Much Chakra And Stamina In His Body It Not Because He Had Kyuubi Or He Was Alone In Past And Practice and Train Hard Alone.

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