Do You Know Naruto Also Have One More Family Member After his Parents Death, It’s His Godfather Jiraiya When Naruto Not Born Yet and Minato and Kushina Alive That Time Minato Ask Jiraiya Take Naruto After His,because Minato Want Naruto As Jiraiya’s First Book Main Character Like Never Give UP in the book.  Minato And Jiraya Agree And Its Make Jiraiya Naruto Godfather and Take Care after Minato And Kushina Death {its in episode 128} and he did the same thing After Minato and Kuhina Death He Look After Naruto And Trained Naruto And Make Him So Much Strong He Always Clean Naruto Mess And Pay For That Jiraiya no Have any children’s himself so he thinks Minato as His Son And Naruto as his Grandchild He Think Minato Is The Child Of Prophecy But After Minato Death its Pass On Naruto and Jiraiya have to Train Him. We All see That Jiraiya alway look after Naruto as His Parents. After Jiraiya Death Naruto Cry So much He wanna Jiraya See Him as Hokage. Jiraiya Always Want Peace In Ninja World But There Always Fighting So He Pass A Question. To How To Make Peace In Ninja World as He Wanted and Naruto Strat Search His Answer.


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